Aquafilter X-HEAT


  • Power 1400W max.
  • By-pass suction unit
  • Safety plug
  • Storage of cable, tubes and accessories
  • 4 wheels for good manoeuvrability
  • Aluminium tubes
  • Washable filter
  • Automatic pump shut-off when not in use
  • Shampooing with hot water 80°C

AQUAFILTER X-HEAT is the best equipped vacuum cleaner, which besides dry-wet vacuum cleaning can also be used for shampooing floors and upholstered furniture with hot water. It all comes together with excellent water filtration.

How water filter works?

Air sucked together with soiled particles travels along the tube into the vacuum cleaner container filled with water. The dirt stays in the water, and special double hemispheric ribs on the separator whirl the air flow one more time and press it again into the water to be cleaned one more time. Then the sucked air goes up through a spiral-shaped separator, while possible insoluble particles stay in the micro filter. Air filtered in such a way is thoroughly and naturally purified.

By cleaning of carpets and upholstery with hot water (80°C) we destroy more bacteria than we would by cleaning with cold water. The shampoo best reacts in combination with hot water and enables removing fatty and dried stains from carpets and upholstery.

Just imagine, how you would clean the dishes in a dishwasher or wash clothes in a washing machine with cold water?

Variety of equipment:

  • Folding brush for floor
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Nozzle for upholstered furniture
  • Extension for furniture
  • Brush for wet vacuum cleaning

Advantages of water filtration:

  • Vacuum cleaning without bag
  • Constant suction power
  • Excellent filtration (mite, allergens)
  • Sucked air travels through water
  • Dirt stays in the lower part of the container
  • Simple preparation and cleaning after application
  • Washable permanent filter
  • Wide variety of equipment